Archaeopteryx Update

Described as “€œthe most beautiful fossil in the world,” €”€œthe most famous fossil of all time,”€ and “€œthe poster child of evolution,”€ the several specimens of Archaeopteryx have been studied by numerous evolutionary scientists and written about by several creation scientists since the time of Darwin. Evolutionists operate within the atheistic and deistic presuppositions which form their naturalistic worldview. These presuppositions are as follows: 

1. There is no God or God is irrelevant.

2. Everything came from nothing.

3. All lifeforms evolved from common ancestors over billions of years.

4. Homology (the study of structural similarities in lifeforms) alone proves the evolution of all extinct and living lifeforms. 

Since most evolutionist paleontologists believe that the birds of today evolved from dinosaurs, Archaeopteryx is described by some as a transitional form showing evolution from dinosaurs to birds. Other evolutionists disagree and believe that Archaeopteryx was a true bird. Over the years most reputable creation scientists have accepted the view that Archaeopteryx was a bird. Some scientists (both creationist and non-creationist) believe that the fossil specimens with obvious feather imprints are frauds.


I personally studied the evidence myself using biblical creationist presuppositions over a period of about a year and came to the conclusion that the creationists who write that Archaeopteryx was a bird seem to have done so while unwittingly accepting evolutionary presuppositions. I also concluded that the fossil was not a bird.


The biblical creationist presuppositions upon which I based by research were:

1. In the beginning God created everything.

2. The Bible is God’€™s true word to mankind.

3. God created in six ordinary days only thousands of years ago.

4. A worldwide flood destroyed all land animals and humans, except for those on Noah’€™s Ark some 4500 years ago.

I have documented all of my research and my conclusions in a two-hour long DVD entitled “€œArchaeopteryx-What Was It?”€ and which is available for sale at the Creation Engineering Concepts online Book and DVD Store. If you would like a biblically based interpretation of the evidence surrounding the various Archaeopteryx specimens, then you definitely should get a copy of this DVD! 


 “One final comment on Archaeopteryx
In this article, I have assumed that Archaeopteryx is not a fraud. Numerous evolutionists and creationists have leveled accusations of “fraud” at the feathered Archeaopteryx fossils – and with some very convincing arguments.  One video I had the pleasure of reviewing was from J.D. Mitchell, of Creation Engineering Concepts.  J.D. put together a fantastic (although technical) DVD on this subject, and built a compelling case for Archaeopteryx being a fraud.  This included his own, first-hand research, and was very nicely spelled out.  You can order that DVD from his website at
As you can see however, the authenticity of Archaeopteryx plays no real bearing on the dino-to-bird theories.”

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