perf6.000x9.000.inddThis fossil guide by biblical paleontologist J.D. Mitchell is hot off the press and is the first fossil directory written within a biblical perspective! Retail Price is $25.99, but Fossils: Description & Interpretation – Within a Biblical Worldview is available (from this website) for a limited time at the introductory price of only $16.00! 282 pages. Features and contents are:

  • Most fossils are evidences of a single, year-long, cataclysmic event that took place on the earth some 4,500 years ago (The Genesis Flood).
  • These fossils have great value today because they are a reminder of, and proof of, God’s judgment, power, and grace. With proper understanding, fossils are of extreme worth to Christians and help explain the Holy Bible.
  • Nearly 250 fossils described and interpreted in light of the “Eighteen Facts of Paleontology.”
  • Invertebrate and vertebrate animal fossils – Plant fossils – Trace fossils – Living fossils – Dinosaur fossils – Mammal fossils – many more.
  • Trilobites – Archaeopteryx – Ammonites – Pterosaurs
  • Includes 240 full-color photographs and artistic sketches.
  • Most fossils are from the author’s personal collection.
  • Includes an endorsement from Dr. Jerry Bergman.

$16.00 Introductory Price!


img_3305-1.jpgThe Christian Family Worldview Library

This library is designed to provide the information needed to learn the truth about, and the importance of, a proper biblical worldview – for every Christian family!  Comparing and understanding the two competing worldviews at war in American culture today – Biblical Christianity vs. Secularism utilizing the seven books of The Christian Family Worldview Library:

1. The Christian Family Worldview Library Learning Guide by J.D. Mitchell

2. The Creation Dialogues – 2nd Edition by J.D. Mitchell

3. The Emperors Who Had No Clothes by Milt Marcy

4. Rocks Aren’t Clocks by John K. Reed

5. Discovering the Animals of Ancient Oregon by J.D. Mitchell

6. Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds by J.D. Mitchell

7. Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds Coloring & Activity Book by J.D. Mitchell (2 copies)

The Learning Guide is designed to help Christian families to utilize the materials to the best benefit and assist them with finding specific topical information. Included in the guide are quizzes to determine the comprehension and aptitudes of students who are using the books of the library as a part of their schooling. (The library is shipped loose in a single container.)



The Creation Dialogues – 2nd Edition

front_cover_2nd_edition.jpg 000086_2 000086_3

The Creation Dialogues – 2nd Edition by J.D. Mitchell has upgraded to color photos, has updated information and includes new resources for additional study. Published by C.E.C. Publications April, 2014. 160 pages. Only $12.00.

The war of the worldviews continues unabated and the demonstrated need for a strong Christian response to the advances of Secular Humanism is as acute as ever. Christian churches are failing in America at a rapid rate and many Christians are at a loss to understand why their children are leaving the Church in droves. Many of those same Christians seem to be oblivious to the aggressive ongoing attempts by secularists to completely eradicate the influence of the Church in all public institutions and venues. [From the Preface]

The Creation Dialogues – 2nd Edition is an improved version of the book by J.D. Mitchell hailed by many as one of the best affordable resources for providing the foundational understanding that theistic evolution is not only biblically false but also scientifically unsupportable.



w26142_fc_02.jpgGuidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds

J.D. Mitchell’s new work Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds, is now available. Price is only $15 per copy (Retail Price = $22.99). 264 pages.


Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds by creation science author J.D. Mitchell can now be ordered.

  • A guidebook that provides expert information on North American dinosaurs from a biblical paleontology perspective.
  • In-depth facts and figures on over 100 genera of dinosaurs.
  • More than 300 artistic sketches and full-color photographs.
  • Actual fossil evidence upon which secular and creationist dinosaur interpretations are based.
  • Informative essays on dinosaurs and the Bible, dinosaur footprints, dinosaur eggs, dinosaur museums, dinosaur hunting, dinosaur paleontologists and more.
  • Answers to many of the mysteries surrounding dinosaurs that cannot be logically solved using secular presuppositions.
  • Complete Bibliography, Glossary and Index.



coloring_book_cover.jpgcolorpage Coloring & Activity Book For Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs

This Dinosaur Coloring and Activity Book by J.D. Mitchell is designed to be a companion to the “Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds,” and is especially appropriate for children ages pre-kindergarten to grade six.

The Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds Coloring & Activity Book is aimed especially for children ages pre-kindergarten to grade six. It consists of coloring pages for 15 different created kinds of dinosaurs, activity pages and dinosaur names pages. The dinosaur names pages correlate genus names to kind description names and provide pronunciation  guides for over 100 North American dinosaurs. 24 pages by J.D. Mitchell.




Discovering the Animals of Ancient Oregon

Retail price is $33.95 each. Buy a copy today for only $25.00 each. By J.D. Mitchell. The hardback book includes many color photos, appendix, glossary and index. 282 pages. Illustrations by Marianne Pike.

Endorsed by the following:
Keith Swenson, MD: Science Professor
Brent H. Carter: Engineering Geologist Consultant
Terry P. Beh: Author and Editor
Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

This unique book examines the history, paleontology, geology and biology of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument located in the state of Oregon. All material is written with the presuppositions of biblical creation science. It offers a logical and cogent alternative interpretation to the myriad of secular interpretations for the area.

Dr. Jerry Bergman wrote: “Discovering the Animals of Ancient Oregon is one of the most important paleontological studies of the John Day fossils and those involved in the discoveries there. The numerous excellent color photographs, charts, and drawings effectively support Mitchell’s thesis and by themselves are well worth the cost of the book.”




Discovering the Animals of Ancient Oregon, The Creation Dialogues & Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds 3-Pack

Get Discovering the Animals of Ancient Oregon, The Creation Dialogues – 2nd Edition, and Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs for a special discounted price of only $47.00.

With this purchase choice you save nearly $28 over retail price by ordering the J.D. Mitchell Creation Science Book pack. Retail for all three is $72.93 and with this special you pay only $47.00!



Archaeopteryx“Archaeopteryx – What Was It?”

In this DVD creationist speaker, author, and researcher J.D. Mitchell presents months of original research and reports his findings regarding Archaeopteryx from a strictly biblical creationist point of view. 1 hour, 57 minutes. PRICE REDUCED! Was $15.00 each.

Archaeopteryx has been described as “the most famous fossil of all time.” Was it an evolutionary transitional form between reptiles and birds? Was it a bird? Was it a mosaic lifeform like the platypus? In this DVD, secular and creationist science is analyzed, replicated (or not) and reviewed in order to arrive at what may be, for many, some very surprising conclusions. By J.D. Mitchell.



biblical interpretation“Biblical Interpretation of the John Day Fossil Beds”

See the John Day Fossil Beds of Central Oregon from a Biblical perspective. J.D. Mitchell has been studying the history, geology, and paleontology of this area since 2006.

This DVD is an introduction to much of the information found in J.D. Mitchell’s book Discovering the Animals of Ancient Oregon. About 87 minutes.



In Search of Leviathan

“In Search of Leviathan” DVD. In chapter 41 of the book of Job is a detailed description of a creature that God calls Leviathan. Leviathan is described by God as being too ferocious for men to get near or to control. This video was produced at an Institute for Creation Science meeting where speaker J.D. Mitchell provided his opinion of which animal Leviathan was, after considering numerous possibilities. About one hour.   




Men, Apes and the Bible

“Men, Apes, and the Bible” DVD. In this presentation speaker J.D. Mitchell takes a big picture look at the candidates for man’s evolutionary ancestors and the proposed cast of transitions that supposedly allowed man to macroevolve over a period of nearly four million years from an ape-like ancestor. A detailed look at the African fossil Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy) and the Laetoli footprints found by Mary Leakey are used to highlight the vast differences between biblical and secular presuppositions regarding man’s origin. A simple formula is provided at the conclusion that can be used to understand this entire subject, utilizing a biblical worldview. The more recently proposed transitional fossils Ida, Ardi, and Homo naledi are used as cases on point to utilize the formula. About one hour.



Whales & Fairy Tales

“Whales & Fairy Tales” DVD. In this video produced at the Institute for Creation Science, J.D. Mitchell answers the question: “Did the largest creatures on earth evolve from small land animals that decided to head back into the sea millions of years ago.?” This presentation provides information on the two major categories of whales, explains current evolutionary explanations for how whales evolved from hoofed land animals, and shows how those explanations in reality can only be understood as fairy tales. Information about whale watching on the Oregon coast is also included. About one hour.




“Can the Secularization of the Church be Reversed?” DVD. In this talk at the Institute for Creation Science, J.D. Mitchell suggests a path to a reversal of the rampant secularization of the Church. Secularism is the anti-religious (especially anti-Christian) worldview that true knowledge can only be found through rational or empirical means. Secularists live their lives with an orientation toward the present world only, as opposed to the Christian view that life is everlasting. Mr. Mitchell calls all Christians, and especially its theologians and educators, to take a fresh look at the earth’s history using the Biblical Worldview. He compares the atheistic presuppositions of uniformitarian giant Charles Lyell (that the Church has by and large accepted) to the biblical presuppositions of scriptural geologist George Young (that the Church has mostly ignored). An open-minded study of these two sets of presuppositions, along with a look at the actual scientific evidences, will normally result in a determination that reality only matches the Biblical Worldview. About one hour.



“Tools for the Worldview Battle” DVD is of a talk by J.D. Mitchell at the Institute for Creation Science in September, 2016. This video provides detailed information about the Christian Worldview vs. the Secular Worldview battle and then offers The Christian Family Worldview Library and the Creation Engineering Concepts website as excellent tools for the Christian family to use in the battle. Complete details on what is included in the library as well as on the Christian colleges that promote the Bible from the very first verse. About one hour.



emperorsThe Emperors Who Had No Clothes

This great new book exposes the hidden roots of the evolutionary agenda. Written by creationist researcher Milt Marcy it should be required reading for every Christian.

Many Christians are upset by the continuing anti-Bible bias at work in the Western Culture today. Where did this bias come from? Milt Marcy has gone deep into the archives of the 18th and 19th centuries to find the answer.

The writings and influence of men like John Dewey, James Hutton, Charles Lyell, Charles Darwin, and Thomas Huxley were found to be at the foundation of this bias. And, these men didn’t just wrongly interpret the science, but had a malevolent view of the Christian Church that tainted all of their work.

Includes Index and Appendices. 235 pages, 2nd edition.



rocksarenotclocksRocks Aren’t Clocks – A Critique of the Geologic Timescale

Dr. John K. Reed unravels the geological column for the lay reader and specialist alike. He shows that doubt in the evolutionary timescale causes the whole edifice of materialism to come crashing down. 226 pages.

Rocks Aren’t Clocks is the best yet book written to understand the geologic timescale. Some creationists accept all of it, some accept some of it, but Dr. Reed provides powerful arguments for a total rejection.



darksideofdarwinThe Dark Side of Darwin

A critical analysis of an icon of science, by Dr. Jerry Bergman, 270 pages.

  • A single man stands behind one of the greatest deceptions in history…
  • Perceive Darwin firsthand through the eyes of family and friends, and his own correspondence.
  • Discern this darkly troubled man, struggling with physical and mental health issues.
  • Uncover his views on eugenics and racism, and his belief that women were less evolved than men.



EnigmaDarwin’s Enigma

Evolutionists have long known that Charles Darwin’s original argument against his own theory – that a lack of fossil evidence of transitional forms would reduce him to an embarrassing footnote in history – was screamingly true. No legitimate fossil evidence exists that shows one species changing into another. By Luther Sunderland.  192 pages.

Softcover 5 1/4″ X 8 1/2″.  This is the book which first quotes Dr. Colin Patterson, ” I fully agree with your comments on the lack of direct illustration of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I knew of any, fossil or living, I would certainly have included them.”



the great turning pointGreat Turning Point, The

This book lays out the careful research that shows that old earth philosophy is the “new idea” and that young-earth creationism was the dominant view of the Church for centuries. It explains that the church has to a large extent accepted a view based not on science but rather on the philosophy of naturalism supported by deistic and atheistic ideas. By Terry Mortenson. 272 pages.

Softcover 8 3/8″ X 11″. The fact that much of the Church has accepted millions of years and the associated ideas of evolution is shown to be  a catastrophic mistake on geology (“The Great Turning Point”), and it happened before Darwin! Without the acceptance of the philosophy of millions of years, Darwin would never have devised his theory of evolution since there would not have been enough time to imagine that it could occur.



slaughterSlaughter of the Dissidents

The shocking truth about killing the careers of Darwin doubters, by Dr. Jerry Bergman, 477 pages.

Dr. Bergman, as in all his writings, has abundantly documented his case. He has proved beyond question that true Christianity in general, and supernatural creation in particular, are under nationwide bigoted attack by our leading educators, our news media, our courts and practically our whole intellectual establishment. All Christians, and conservative non-Christians as well, need to become aware of this situation and would be well advised to read this book.




World That Perished, The

An introduction to biblical catastrophism by the co-author of the Genesis Flood. The author radiates an unshakable faith in the authority of the Word of God. By John C. Whitcomb. 178 pages.

Softcover 6″ X 9″. For those who require an updated sequel to the Genesis Flood here it is! Dr. Whitcomb maintains with vigor that the Bible declares and affirms a supernatural, catastrophic flood of worldwide proportions, a declaration that is corroborated by scientific observations that are not warped by a uniformitarian bias in geology.



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