And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to its kind.” (Genesis 1:24)

The Bible tells us that God made the land animals on day six according to kinds. Dinosaurs are land animals and so they were created on day six — along with man.

Reconstructive sketches of the likely 15 kinds of originally created kinds of dinosaurs whose fossils have been found in the Flood sediments of North America are depicted below. For the details of the hypothesis that developed these 15 kinds, many pages of detailed information on each kind, and the evidence that supports the hypothesis see my new book, Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds. Also available is a companion coloring and activity book with the same title that is appropriate for children ages pre-kindergarten to grade six.
All 15 illustrations below copyrighted ©2013 J.D. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce, copy, or transmit any of the sketches without written permission from Creation Engineering Concepts. Dinosaur reconstructions by artist Marianne Pike.

Kind 1. Armor-Backed Dinosaurs

Kind 2. Bipedal Browser Dinosaurs

Kind 3. Club-Tailed Dinosaurs

Kind 4. Duck-Billed Dinosaurs

Kind 5. Horn-Faced Dinosaurs

Kind 6. Horn-Nosed Bipedal Dinosaurs

Kind 7. Killer-Clawed Bipedal Dinosaurs

Kind 8. Lithe-Fast Running Dinosaurs

Kind 9. Long-Necked Big-Clawed Dinosaurs 

Kind 10. Long-Necked Boxy-Headed Dinosaurs

Kind 11. Long-Necked Slender-Headed Dinosaurs

Kind 12. Ostrich-Like Dinosaurs

Kind 13. Plate-Backed Dinosaurs

Kind 14. Thick-Headed Dinosaurs
Kind 15. Tyrant Bipedal Dinosaurs


  • Created according to kinds on day six
  • Corrupted by the Fall and affected by the Curse
  • Buried in the Genesis Flood
  • Rediscovered in the Flood sediments

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