ICS Program History


1.  3/26/05       “Intelligent Design Biology & Irreducible Complexity” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

“The Eyes Have It” DVD by David Menton

2.  4/23/05       “A Look at the Best Evidence for Evolution” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

“Evolutionary Dogma in School Textbooks” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

3.  5/28/05       “Age of the Earth and Universe” by J.D. Mitchell (lvie)

“Dating Fossils and Rocks” DVD by Mike Riddle

4.  6/25/05       “Dinosaurs, Dragons & Darwin” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

“Dinosaurs and the Bible” DVD by Ken Ham

5.  7/23/05       “LaBrea Tar Pits” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

“Noah’s Flood” DVD by Tas Walker

6.  8/27/05       “Ancient Civilizations-Evidence of Advanced Technology” by J.D. Mitchell (live)
“The Monkey Trial” DVD by Ken Ham

7.  9/24/05       “Creation MEGA Conference” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

8.  10/22/05     “The Big Bang Theory” by Brandon Church (live)

9.  11/26/05     “RATE – Thousands…Not Billions” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

10.  1/28/06     “Homology from an Engineer’s Perspective” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

“The Privileged Planet” DVD

11.  2/25/06     “Laws of Nature & Evolution” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

“Where Did God Come From” DVD by Ken Ham

12.  3/25/06     “Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)” by Horst Matschukat (live)

“Dynamic Life: Changes in Living Things” DVD by Carl Wieland

13.  4/22/06     “Worldwide Flood & Noah’s Ark” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

14.  5/27/06     “Astronomy and the Bible” DVD by Mike Riddle

“What’s NASA Up to?” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

15.  6/24/06     “Central Oregon Geology – Part 1” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

16.  7/22/06     “Central Oregon Geology – Part 2” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

17.  8/26/06     “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” DVD by David Menton

18.  9/23/06     “Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure” by J.D. Mitchell

“Geologic Evidences for Very Rapid Deposition” DVD by Steve Austin

19 10/28/06     “Surtsey Island” by Dave Duhrkoop (live)

“Millions of Years – Where Did the Idea Come From?” DVD by Terry Mortenson

20. 11/25/06    “Creation or Evolution, What’s the Difference?” Rick and Sidney ventriloquism (live)

21. 1/27/07      “A Comparison of the Most Popular Origin Beliefs” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

“Miracle of Flight” by Dave Duhrkoop (live)

22. 2/24/07      “Dinosaurs, Dragons and Darwin” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

23. 3/24/07      “Divine Proportion in God’s Creation” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

Interviews on DVD with creation scientists (Riddle)

24. 4/28/07      “Impacts in Society – Creation and Evolution” by Brandon Church (live)

25. 5/26/07      “Fossil Record” by Brandon Church (live)

26. 6/23/07      “Homology from an Engineer’s Perspective” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

Dinosaur & Fossil Museum on display

27. 7/28/07      “Digging for Dinosaurs – What Can Be Learned?” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

Dinosaur & Fossil Museum on display

28. 8/25/07      “Age of the Universe” by Gorman Gray (live)

Dinosaur & Fossil Museum on display

29. 9/22/07      “Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I” DVD by Jobe Martin

“Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution II” DVD by Jobe Martin

Dinosaur & Fossil Museum on display

30. 10/27/07    “Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution III” DVD by Jobe Martin

31. 11/24/07    “The Dragonfly: Masterpiece of Design” by Steve Haley (live)

Dinosaur & Fossil Museum on display

32.  1/26/08  “The Genesis Flood Made Obvious from Worldwide Evidence” by Gorman Gray (live)

33.  2/23/08    “Cloning, Stem Cells and the Value of Life” DVD by Mike Riddle

“Value of Life Update” by Gayle Atteberry of Oregon Right to Life (live)

34.  9/28/08    “Two Great Water Catastrophes” by Rick Thompson & J.D. Mitchell (live)

Dinosaur & Fossil Museum on display

35.  10/26/08   “The La Brea Tar Pits” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

36.  11/23/08   “Cryptozoology” by Milt Marcy (live)

37.  1/25/09   “Divine Proportion & Laws of Nature” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

38.  2/22/09   “Age of the Universe” Debate by Gorman Gray & Brandon Church (live)

39.  3/22/09   “In the Footsteps of Darwin” DVD by Brad Harrub

40.  4/26/09    “Homology, Cladistics & Evolutionary Trees” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

41.  5/24/09   “Dating Fossils & Rocks” DVD by Mike Riddle

42.  6/28/09   “The Age of the Earth” DVD by Tas Walker

43.  7/26/09   “The Young Sun” DVD by Faulkner, Lisle et al

44.  8/23/09   “Surtsey Island – Challenge to Eons” by J.D. Mitchell (live) and “Millions of Years – Where Did the Idea Come From?” DVD by Terry Mortenson

45. 10/25/09 “Was Charles Lyell a Devout Christian?” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

46. 11/22/09 “Digging for Dinosaurs – What Can Be Learned?” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

47. 1/24/10 “Green River Formation Fossils” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

48. 2/28/10 “Fossil Human Footprints” by Milt Marcy (live)

49. 3/28/10 “The Evolution of Darwin – His Science” DVD by David Menton

50. 4/25/10 “Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed” movie by Ben Stein

51. 5/23/10 “Camouflage in Nature Requires a Designer” by Rick Thompson (live)

52. 6/27/10 “Genetics, Evolution and Creation” DVD by Georgia Purdom

53. 7/25/10 “Kentucky Roads” by J.D. and Bonnie Mitchell (live)

54. 8/22/10 “Archaeopteryx Update” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

55. 9/26/10 “Lucy and Laetoli” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

56. 10/24/10 “Living Fossils” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

57. 11/28/10 “Only One Race” DVD by Ken Ham

58. 1/23/11 “The Hand of God” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

59. 2/27/11 “Polystrate Fossils & Petrified Forests” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

60. 3/27/11 “Flood Legends of the Desert Southwest” by Bill Tillman (live)

61. 5/15/11 “Golden Proportions in Israel’s Biblical Chronology” by David Corson (live)

62. 6/26/11 “Bone Digger” Joe Taylor (Movie)

63. 8/28/11 “Thomas Condon” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

64. 9/25/11 “C.S. Lewis” by Gorman Gray (live)

65. 10/23/11 “Epigenome – How our Words Affect the Health of Our DNA” by Eddie Sandoval (live)

66. 11/27/11 “Defending Your Faith – An Introduction to Apologetics” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

67. 01/22/12 “Metamorphosis – the Beauty & Design of Butterflies” DVD by Illustra Media

68. 02/26/12 “The Missoula Flood” by Rick Thompson (live)

69. 03/25/12 “The Religion of Death” DVD by Terry Mortenson

70. 04/22/12 “Three Steps to Secular Christianity” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

71. 05/20/12 “Mutations Prove Evolution is Going the Wrong Way” by Dr. Jerry Bergman (live)

72. 07/22/12 “The True Motivation” by Milt Marcy (live)

73. 08/19/12  “One Human Family: the Bible, Science, Race and Culture” by Dr. Carl Wieland (live)

74. 09/23/12 “The Solar System: Chance or Design?” by Brandon Church (live)

75. 10/21/12 “War of the Worldviews: Creationism and Evolutionism” by Steve Wolfe (live)

76. 11/25/12 “Dealing with Evolution in School” by Steve Wolfe (live)

77. 01/27/13 “Online Biblical Creation Learning Opportunities” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

78. 02/24/13 “The Fall of Lucifer, the Origin of Evil” by Dr. Matt Bain (live)

79. 03/24/13 “Mount St. Helens: A Big Bang for Creation” by Lloyd Anderson (live)

80. 04/28/13 “The Horror of the Flood – The Most Catastrophic Event in History” DVD by Mike Snavely

81. 05/26/13 “Earthquakes and the Future Global Cataclysm” by Kevin Lea (live)

82. 06/23/13 “Ancient Man” by Dr. Donald Chittick (live)

83. 07/28/13 “Evidence for Global Catastrophe” by Rick Thompson (live)

84. 08/25/13 “The Wave at Paria, a Different View by Greg Morgan (live)

85. 09/22/13 “Show, Tell & Ask” by Rick Thompson, Keith Swenson and J.D. Mitchell and friends (live)

86. 10/27/13 “Treasures of the Snow” by Sylvia Thompson (live)

87. 11/24/13 “Flight: The Genius of Birds” DVD by Illustra Media

88. 01/26/14 “A Comparison of Two Creation Views” by Gorman Gray (live)

89. 02/23/14 “God’s Created Dinosaurs” by Rick Thompson, J.D. Mitchell and Milt Marcy (live)

90. 03/23/14 “UFOs, Aliens and the Bible” by Dr. Thomas Hoyle (live)

91. 04/27/14 “Archaeology and the Bible” by Heinz Lycklama (live)

92. 05/25/14 “Adam Saw Stars” by Mark Amunrud (live)

93. 06/22/14 “Creation Explorers, Tracking the Flood” DVD by Pike Productions

94. 07/27/14 “Christ’s Resurrection – A Proven Fact of History” by Dr. Thomas Kindell (live)

95. 08/24/14 “Evidence for the Divine Inspiration of the Bible” by Dr. Thomas Kindell (live)

96. 09/28/14 “How Darwin Got It Wrong” DVD by Dr. John Sanford

97. 10/26/14 “Polystrate Fossils and Petrified Forests” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

98. 11/23/14 “Land of the Giants” by Dr. Tom Hoyle (live)

99. 01/25/15 “Genesis and the Ice Age” by Patrick Nurre (live)

100. 02/22/15 “A Matter of Time” by Bruce Malone (live)

101. 03/22/15 “Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis” DVDs with Pete Perkins facilitator
Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

102. 04/26/15 “Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis” DVDs with Pete Perkins Part II.

103. 05/24/15 “Itching Ears” by Paul Taylor (live)

104. 06/28/15 “Adam, Apes and Attitude” by Paul Taylor (live)

105. 07/26/15 “Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis” DVDs with Pete Perkins Part III.

106. 08/23/15 “An ‘Indiana Jones’ Look at the Bible: Dead Men DO Tell Tales!” with Dr. Thomas Hoyle (live)

107. 09/27/15 “Whales and Fairy Tales” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

108. 10/25/15 “The Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate” by Dr. Thomas Kindell (live)

109. 11/22/15 “In Search of Leviathan” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

110. 01/24/16 “Men, Apes and the Bible” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

111. 02/28/16 “Petrified Wood & the Stories it Tells” by Rick Thompson (live)

112. 04/24/16 “Can the Secularization of the Church be Reversed?’ by J.D. Mitchell (live)

113. 05/22/16 “Darwinian Pseudoscience” by Dr. Heinz Lycklama (live)

114. 06/26/16 “New Solar System Discoveries that Baffle Astronomers, but are Consistent with the Hydroplate Theory” by Kevin Lea (live)

115. 07/24/16 “Harmony between Christian Faith and Life Science” by Dr. David Shiuan (live)

116. 08/28/16 “A Closer Look at Noah’s Ark” by Dr. Tom Hoyle (live)

117. 09/25/16 “Tools for the Worldview Battle” by J.D. Mitchell (live)

118. 10/23/16 “Pterosaurs of Yesterday & Today” by J.D. Mitchell and Milt Marcy (live)

119. 11/27/16 “The Most Inspirational American – Ever!” by Dr. Tom Hoyle (live)

120. 01/22/17 “The Historical Jesus” by Justin Derby (live)

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