There is no disagreement among biblical creation scientists regarding the fact of Noah’s Flood, as described in the book of Genesis in the Bible. All agree that it occurred as an historical global event of cataclysmic order some 1,600 years after God’s creation of the universe. The Flood covered the entire earth with water, that covered the highest mountains of the time, and took over a year to diminish to the point that Noah and his family could depart the ark.

However, there is much disagreement among biblical creation scientists concerning the mechanics of the Flood. That is, the scientific description of what happened is not at all agreed to at this time.

Most creation scientists currently hold to the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics theory (CPT). For many years the most popular theory was the Vapor Canopy Theory (VCT) made popular by Dr. Henry Morris in the 1960s. There is a minority of creationists who believe that Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory (HPT) is the best explanation for the causes, mechanisms and actions of the Flood. I am one who is in this minority on this issue.

Jane Albright, P.E. has written an article in four parts that is an excellent summary of what most of us in the HPT camp believe about the theories and the controversies surrounding those theories. Please take the time to read all four of the articles by following the link below. You may then want to go to Dr. Walt Brown’s website to learn more about HPT.

J.D. Mitchell, P.E., MBS

Albright Articles

Walt Brown Website

On June 26, 2016, Pastor Kevin Lea presented a talk at the Institute for Creation Science in Portland, OR with the title, “New Solar System Discoveries that Baffle Astronomers, but are Consistent with the Hydroplate Theory.” Click HERE for an edited version of that presentation on You Tube.




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