As you can see there are no photos of living things on this page like those on the Fossil and the Dinosaur pages of this website. This is because for the biblical creationist there is no such thing as prehistoric animals or prehistoric man. Our history starts “€œin the beginning”€ as described in Genesis 1:1. In chapter one of the book of Genesis the creation of the plants and trees (verses 11-12), birds and sea creatures (verses 20-22), land animals (verses 24-25) and man (verses 26-27) are all described in an historical narrative.

I have often mentioned to Christians that they have allowed the secular culture to “€œevolutionize”€ them. The use of the word prehistoric is one example of that fact. For when Christians use the words prehistoric or prehistoric man or prehistoric animals they are (perhaps unknowingly) accepting atheistic presuppositions concerning the origin of life and humankind, and at the same time are in effect rejecting the word of God.

A study of the evolution of our English language shows how the atheistic or naturalistic bias has been allowed to change the perception of the Creation. For example, in A Handy Dictionary of the English Language from Noah Webster, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co., New York, 1877, the word history is defined as, “€œa continuous narrative of events.”€ The words prehistory, prehistoric and natural history are not even listed in this dictionary.

While the definition for the word history in more recently published dictionaries has not changed much if at all since 1877, the words not listed in 1877 are now ubiquitous in the current dictionaries. What does this tell us? Well, I think at the very least it tells us that those words were not at all common in 1877 when the dictionary was published.

Another thing Christians have done is to allow the secular museums to change the meaning of the descriptive field of study termed natural history. These secular museums would have us believe that their depictions of chronological taxonomies and cladistic diagrams prove that they scientifically know the history of their perceived evolution of life over billions of years. This, of course, is a big lie.

Besides, in my study of recent (published 1995 & 2003) Webster dictionaries, natural history is defined as, “€œthe study of the animal, vegetable, and mineral world,”€ or “€œa treatise on some aspect of nature.”€ There is no insinuation of a chronological component to the definition for the field of natural history in these definitions. On the other hand, the definitions for the root word history have a definite time component such as found in the definitions which read, “€œan account of what has happened, especially in the life of a people, a country etc.”€ or “€œthe branch of knowledge that deals systematically with the past”€ or “€œa known or recorded past.”€ To have history it seems it is a requirement to have a historian or eyewitness to the events being recorded.

Biblical Christians have such an eyewitness to their understanding of history, and that is God himself who has provided us in the Bible with a history from the beginning of the universe. Those whose faith is based on naturalism (evolution) have no eyewitness to their speculative and ever changing hypotheses concerning what happened in the past. There is no wonder, then, that their story varies in every important aspect from the biblical account. So, I have removed the words prehistoric, prehistoric animals and prehistoric man from my spoken vocabulary and I graciously correct those Christians that I hear using those words.

How about you?
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