In order to find the effects of mutations, fruit flies have been irradiated to simulate millions of years of evolutionary “progress.” There have been over ninety years of fruit fly experiments involving over 3,000 consecutive generations. The mutation rate within fruit flies has been greatly accelerated, and the results have been carefully documented. The result has been the rearrangement and corruption of genetic information already contained within the fruit fly's DNA, but nothing other than a modified fruit fly has ever developed. The loss of genetic information has produced organs which are deformed, but no new organs as required by evolution.

Scientific experimentation has confirmed that there is no basis for believing that any natural or artificial evolutionary process will ever transform a fruit fly into anything other than another fruit fly. Mutational changes never cause the fruit fly to increase in complexity. Experimentation confirms that mutations could never produce a genetic improvement in any creature.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 2.

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