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Coelacanth Fish Living Fossil
Coelacanth Fish Living Fossil

Here are photos taken of living fossils on display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. The existence of living fossils is at the very least an embarrassment to evolutionists. There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of these lifeforms which have been found in the fossil record and show no evidence of "evolving" over the supposedly millions of years that they have existed. The living ancestors of today are the same as the fossils. Living fossils are very strong support for the young earth creationist model of origins!

I suggest that if you are unconvinced by these photos of the creationist viewpoint or you have additional interest, that you get ahold of the book by Dr. Carl Werner entitled Living Fossils, Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol. 2. (New Leaf Press, 2008). This book is available for $25 at our online bookstore. If you are not convinced by reading this book that there are living fossils for all types of currently existing life from the sedimentary layers in which fossil dinosaurs are found, then your evolutionary faith can only be described as a totally blind faith. And if there have been no changes, then the evidence for macroevolution vanishes.

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