As we continue to struggle with understanding the “science” regarding the Covid-19 virus, it is appropriate to discuss the severe results of masks on the education of our children. The greatest consequences of the pandemic may not turn out to be the illnesses and deaths that resulted, but the long-term mental health of society in general. Humans were engineered for communication and masks greatly hinder that ability.

While I am no expert on infectious diseases, the fact that viruses are so very tiny compared to, for example bacteria, makes one doubt the efficacy of the masks worn by most of us during this pandemic. (So far as I can determine the corona virus is 1/100th to 1/200th the diameter of a human hair.) I think a good result of the pandemic is that the average American has a better grasp of what the truth is concerning “consensus science.” Clearly much of this pandemic science has been politically motivated. Perhaps this experience will positively affect how the general public looks at the deep time consensus, the  evolution consensus, and the climate change consensus among secular scientists today. I certainly hope so.

The science that studies human communication is not so influenced by politics. In humans the face is controlled by nearly fifty muscles. Many of these muscles attach to the skin, the eyes, the eyelids etc. When people communicate they move their jaw, tongue, lips, eyes, nose, cheeks, forehead, scalp, and everything in between. Some of us can even move our ears independently. At least 20 muscles alone were specifically designed to produce facial expressions. All of this is why so much can be communicated without even saying a word. That is, unless our faces are covered with masks. No wonder so many parents and some educators are very concerned about the masking mandates in our schools.

Another thing that makes me wonder about the value of masks is that in most athletic events, the participants are usually wearing masks when sitting quietly on the bench. Then they take their masks off when they are exerting themselves and in close contact with each other. That seems logically backwards to me from a medical standpoint. Of course, the practical reason for this practice is that masks make it difficult to breathe. I doubt any scientific experiment could prove this regular Covid practice for athletes to be effective for stopping the transmission of any disease.

The bottom line is that Christians must in all things think for themselves, use common sense, and not be compliant to every directive handed out by various experts. We must pray for wisdom about these things and ask for God’s ongoing protection for those around us. And, we are to remember that in all things God’s will is supreme.

J.D. Mitchell

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