“Dinosaurs & You”

My good Christian friend Dale Stuckwish from Pennsylvania has recently started up a new creation ministry called “Dinosaurs & You.” I have known Dale since 2015 when he took the Institute for Creation Science Biblical Paleontology course that I had developed and administered. Dale passed the course with flying colors. Since then, we have cooperated and collaborated on several biblical creation science projects. I can certainly vouch for Dale as being well founded on God’s Word and very knowledgeable about dinosaurs and biblical paleontology.

Dale’s new ministry has been established for the purpose of leading Biblical Creation Tours through the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA. All his tours hold to the presuppositions of a six-day creation per the book of Genesis and a worldwide Flood about 4,500 years ago that formed the fossils seen today.

If any of you are ever in the Pittsburgh area and would like a museum tour led by Dale, please contact him at:

            Email: dalestuckwish@yahoo.com

            US Mail: 73 Sylvan Drive, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Museum Guide-Mr. Dale Stuckwish

Like all other secular natural history museums, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History interprets dinosaurs and fossils from a perspective of evolution and millions of years. Over the past several decades much geological and paleontological research has shown that the biblical interpretation is superior. In fact, evidence from historical records and from science consistently show that the biblical creationist perspective is the true interpretation of the rock record in which we find the dinosaur remains.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History-Pittsburgh

So, rather than millions of years of evolution from one kind to another kind of organism true science now demonstrates that the vast majority of fossils in the earth’s rock record is the result of the biblical global Flood. If you are interested in a tour, you will find that your interaction with Dale will be a blessing. I am sure that he will quietly yet earnestly explain to you the superiority of the biblical perspective over that which is represented in secular natural history museums like the Carnegie.

In Christ,

J.D. Mitchell

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