This quiz is for anyone who wants to test their general knowledge of dinosaurs through a series of random trivia questions. Probably the best way to take the quiz is to print a copy of all the questions that you want to attempt to answer. There are currently 85 questions available in the quiz. As you read the questions mark your answers on the line corresponding to each question. Whenever you want to check the accuracy of your answer click on the “Answer _ _” icon at the end of each question.

Since this is a biblical creationist website the answer to each question will consist of two parts, the secular answer, and the biblical creationist answer. Sometimes the answers will be the same, but often they will be quite different. This is because secularists and biblical creationists have different worldviews due to different presuppositions concerning the interpretation of the evidence. For example, secularists presuppose they must not consider a Creator God or the Bible in their interpretations, while biblical creationists consider God’s Word (the Bible) to be foundational to truth and their understanding of any evidence in the universe.


Question 1. What are scientists that study dinosaurs called? [Answer GP]

Question 2. True or False: Brachiosaurus was the longest land animal thought to have ever lived. [Answer DS]

Question 3. How much is the heaviest dinosaur thought to have weighed; 40 tons, 100 tons, or 500 tons? [Answer DS]

Question 4. How many horns did Pentaceratops have? [Answer DS]

Question 5. Who named the first dinosaur? [Answer GP]

Question 6. Which Geologic Timeline era is known as “the Age of the Reptiles”? [Answer GGH]

Question 7. Name two things a scientist can learn about dinosaurs from dinosaur tracks. [Answer GP]

Question 8. True or False: The largest dinosaur egg ever found was about the size of a football. [Answer DG]

Question 9. How many times longer did dinosaurs dominate the earth compared to humans: 8 times; 80 times; 800 times? [Answer GGH]

Question 10. How many species of dinosaurs have been discovered? [Answer GP]

Question 11. True or False: The smallest dinosaur egg ever found is about the size of a tennis ball. [Answer DG]

Question 12. How long ago did the first dinosaurs appear? [Answer GGH]

Question 13. Which dinosaur had a 100-pound club at the end of its tail? [Answer DS]

Question 14. What kind of animal is the closest living relative to dinosaurs today? [Answer DG]

Question 15. True or False: Most dinosaurs became extinct during an event that occurred 65 million years ago. [Answer GGH]

Question 16. True or False: The name “dinosaur” means “beast with scales.” [Answer DG]

Question 17. Name one of the three Geologic Timeline periods in which dinosaurs lived. [Answer GGH]

Question 18. True or False: Dinosaurs became extinct during the Cretaceous period. [Answer GGH]

Question 19. What is the name of the era when the dinosaurs roamed the earth? [Answer GGH]

Question 20. True or False: Some dinosaurs were able to fly. [Answer DG]

Question 21. True or False: Most dinosaurs were omnivores. [Answer DG]

Question 22. True or False: Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, and Triceratops were all herbivores. [Answer DG]

Question 23. Which dinosaur had the biggest head at ten feet long? [Answer DS]

Question 24. What is the nickname of the T. rex dinosaur housed in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois? [Answer DS]

Question 25. Brachiosaurus had these on top of its head, which is thought to have helped it find food at the tops of trees. [Answer DS]

Question 26. True or False: The original dinosaurs were all vegetarian. [Answer GGH]

Question 27. True or False: Some plant eaters had to eat as much as a ton of vegetation every day. [Answer DG]

Question 28. Where was the first dinosaur nest found? [Answer DS]

Question 29. How big are the biggest dinosaur footprints ever found? 1 foot long, 2 feet long, or 4 feet long. [Answer DG]

Question 30. True or False: No mammal lived at the same time as dinosaurs. [Answer GGH]

Question 31. In what three classifications are dinosaurs classified by their diet? [Answer DG]

Question 32. What is the conflict between two paleontologists competing in the late 1800s to discover dinosaur bones referred to as? [Answer GP]

Question 33. True or False: The velociraptors in the movie Jurassic Park are smaller than they were in actuality. [Answer DS]

Question 34. This large sauropod’s name means “arm lizard.” [Answer DS]

Question 35. True or False: Scientists classify all dinosaurs into two types: bird-hipped and lizard-hipped. [Answer GP]

Question 36. What are the series of footprints dinosaurs left called? [Answer GP]

Question 37. What insect in the 1993 movie Jurassic Park was trapped in amber that allowed dinosaurs to roam the earth again? [Answer GGH]

Question 38. Was T. rex a bipedal or quadrupedal dinosaur? [Answer DS] 

Question 39. True or False: Dinosaur fossils have been found on every continent except Antarctica. [Answer DG]

Question 40. Who coined the term “dinosaur” in 1842? [Answer GP]

Question 41. The skeleton of what kind of dinosaur was the first on put together and mounted? [Answer DG]

Question 42. In what country were the dinosaur bones discovered in 2014 that might be from the largest herbivores ever discovered (dubbed Titanosaurus)? [Answer DS]

Question 43. True or False: All dinosaurs hatched from eggs. [Answer DG]

Question 44. Which dinosaur appeared in the 1933 classic movie King Kong? [Answer DS]

Question 45. True or False: The Quetzelcoatlus pterosaurs were about the size of small airplanes. [Answer GP]

Question 46. In what country have most dinosaur bones been found? [Answer GGH]

Question 47. How many inches long was a single T. rex tooth? [Answer DS]

Question 48. How many teeth did an adult T. rex have: 50, 100, or 500? [Answer DS]

Question 49. True or False: The crocodile existed at the same time as dinosaurs. [Answer GGH]

Question 50. What is the smallest dinosaur found so far? [Answer DG]

Question 51. What dinosaur’s name means “earth-shaking reptile” and whose root word is the same as an instrument used to measure earthquakes? [Answer DS]

Question 52. How many inches wide was the wingspan of the smallest pterodactyl? [Answer GP]

Question 53. Which dinosaur’s name means “fast thief”? [Answer DS]

Question 54. True or False: Tyrannosaurus rex ran quickly. [Answer DS]

Question 55. What type of dinosaur is featured on the logo of the Toronto-based NBA basketball team? [Answer DG]

Question 56. What did scientists originally think Triceratops was when discovering its bones in 1888? [Answer DS]

Question 57. True or False: Tyrannosaurus rex teeth looked like sharpened razors. [Answer DS]

Question 58. Which dinosaur’s name means “roof lizard”? [Answer DS]

Question 59. True or False: The dinosaur Stegosaurus had a brain about the size of a walnut. [Answer DS]

Question 60. What does “Tyrannosaurs rex” mean? [Answer DS]

Question 61. This dinosaur’s bones have been found in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado; its name means “bird robber.” [Answer DS]

Question 62. Which dinosaur looked like a sheep-sized Triceratops but had no horns. [Answer DS]

Question 63. True or False: Tyrannosaurus rex was the largest of all the meat-eating dinosaurs. [Answer DS]

Question 64. What was the first complete fossilized skeleton of a dinosaur ever found in the United States? [Answer DS]

Question 65. What was the first dinosaur ever named? [Answer DS]

Question 66. Which were longer in the T. rex: the arms or the jaws? [Answer DS]

Question 67. This herbivore dinosaur had a duckbill and hundreds of constantly growing teeth. [Answer DS]

Question 68. Which dinosaur is known for the huge bone-dome on its head that was several inches thick. [Answer DS]

Question 69. This dinosaur’s name means “good mother lizard” because many remnants of egg nests were found with its bones. [Answer DS]

Question 70. True or False: A young boy is credited with discovering the first dinosaur footprints in the United States. [Answer GGH]

Question 71. Which dinosaur had a long, hollow bony crest on its head from which it may have been able to make sounds? [Answer DS]

Question 72. Which dinosaur with a large spiky thumb was names by an English paleontologist in the 1800s? [Answer GGH]

Question 73. Where did the meteorite that is believed by some to have killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago land? [Answer GGH]

Question 74. How many claws (toes) did each T. rex foot have? [Answer DS]

Question 75. True or False: T. rex had hollow bones. [Answer DS]

Question 76. What is the name of the event that occurred at the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs? [Answer GGH]

Question 77. What kind of dinosaur skull was taken on a 1998 space shuttle mission? [Answer GGH]

Question 78. What is the name given to the ridge that surrounded the skulls of dinosaurs such as Triceratops and Centrosaurus? [Answer DG]

Question 79. What is the most widely held theory for how the dinosaurs became extinct? [Answer GGH]

Question 80. A fossilized skin of what type of dinosaur (whose name means “Corinthian helmet lizard”) was forever lost when a ship was sunk during World War I? [Answer GGH]

Question 81. What kind of dinosaur known as “Big Al” was discovered in 1991? [Answer GGH]

Question 82. Which kind of dinosaur was Littlefoot in The Land Before Time? [Answer GGH]

Question 83. About how many tons did a full-grown Apatosaurus dinosaur weigh: 4, 10, or 35? [Answer DS]

Question 84. True or False: Dinosaurs are known to the general public through their scientific species names. [Answer GP]

Question 85. True or False: There are no museums in America that interpret dinosaurs from a biblical creationist perspective. [Answer GGH]


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