Another first-rate source for creation engineering information is Dr. Stuart Burgess. Consider some of the Creation Engineering topics about which he has written:

  1. The irreducible knee joint mechanism.
  2. The irreducible flight mechanisms of birds.
  3. The irreducible earth ecosystem.
  4. Complete optimum design.
  5. Added beauty in the peacock tail.
  6. Added beauty in bird song.
  7. Extreme similarity in features.
  8. Extreme diversity of kinds.
  9. Man-centered features.
  10. The unique design of man.
  11. The unique beauty of man.

For a complete explanation of the details about these topics you need the book, Hallmarks of Design – Evidence of Purposeful Design and Beauty in Nature by Dr. Stuart Burgess.

From the book: “The Design Argument argues that design reveals a designer and the attributes of the designer. The Design Argument is vey important because design provides positive evidence for a Creator and not just evidence against evolution. Following modern discoveries of the staggering complexity and beauty of nature, the Design Argument is stronger that ever before.

“The book describes six hallmarks of design that can only be produced by an intelligent designer:

  1. Irreducible mechanisms
  2. Complete optimum design
  3. Added beauty
  4. Extreme similarity in features
  5. Extreme diversity of kinds 
  6. Man-centered features

The issue of origins is very important because it greatly affects the answers to other ultimate questions such as the purpose of life and what happens after death. Considering the importance of origins, it is very important to be aware of the evidence for a Creator rather than just blindly accepting the theory of evolution.”

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