(GGH = General Geology & History)

Note: Secular Answers in green and Creationist Answers in blue.

Question 6. Secular Answer: Mesozoic.

Creationist Answer: Mesozoic. Up until the mid-20th century it was thought by evolutionists that there was an Age of Reptiles (when the dinosaurs lived) followed by an Age of Mammals, an era afterward when the mammals had finally evolved. Now it is known that there were many mammal fossils mixed in with the dinosaurs, some as large as bears. These findings speak against evolution but make sense with the biblical creationist perspective of a global Flood being the cause of almost all fossils.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., Discovering the Animals of Ancient Oregon (DAAO), Leafcutter Press, 2013, pp. 101-102.

Question 9. Secular Answer: 800 times.

Creationist Answer: Secularists believe in billions of years of evolution and the geologic timeline. The biblical creationist believes in the Bible which says that dinosaur and humans were created by God at the same time on Day Six of the creation just over 6,000 years ago. This difference in worldview affects many of the answers to the Dinosaur Quiz. Creationists would say that the geological, historical, biological, and paleontological evidence best matches the Biblical Christian Worldview.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs According to Created Kinds (GNAD), CEC Publications, 2014, pp. 1-11.

Question 12. Secular Answer: 230 million years.

Creationist Answer: Just over 6,000 years.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., GNAD, pp. 1-11.

Question 15. Secular Answer: True.

Creationist Answer: False. Dinosaurs were created by God on the same day as all other land animals and humans. Millions of dinosaurs were killed by Noah’s Flood (that is when their fossils were made), but some went onto the ark and were saved from the devastation of the global Flood brought as a judgment against mankind’s evil by God. Some dinosaurs came off the ark with Noah and his family and were in existence along with man until a few hundred years ago when the dinosaurs likely became extinct.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., GNAD, pp. 1-11, 45-46.

Question 17. Secular Answer: Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous.

Creationist Answer: The secular “Geologic Timeline” with its eras and periods is a mental abstraction, and creationists are under no obligation to believe it to be accurate. All the dinosaurs found in the rock record as fossils are there because of the worldwide Flood at the time of Noah about 4,500 years ago. The dinosaur fossils were rapidly formed over a period of about one year while Noah was on the Ark.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., GNAD.

Question 18. Secular Answer: True.

Creationist Answer: False. Dinosaurs likely became extinct at some time after the global Flood. There is some evidence that dinosaurs could still be alive in some very remote parts of the earth. All the dinosaurs found in the rock record are there due to the cataclysmic global Flood about 4,500 years ago.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., GNAD, pp. 45-46.

Question 19. Secular Answer: Mesozoic era; divided into Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.

Creationist Answer: See the answers to questions 15, 17 and 18.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., GNAD, pp. 1-11, 45-46.

Question 26. Secular Answer: False. Some were carnivorous.

Creationist Answer: True. All dinosaurs were vegetarian before the Fall.

Reference: The Bible Genesis 1:30.

Question 30. Secular Answer: False. There were a few small mammals that coexisted with dinosaurs.

Creationist Answer: False. There were mammals of all sizes and many kinds that coexisted with dinosaurs.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., DAAO, p. 101-102.

Question 37. Secular Answer: Mosquitoes.

Creationist Answer: Mosquitoes. But this is just science fiction and is not possible scientifically.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., Fossils: Description & Interpretation Within a Biblical Worldview, CEC Publications, 2017, pp. 88-89.

Question 46. Secular Answer: United States of America.

Creationist Answer: USA.

Reference: Currie, Philip et al, Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, Academic Press, 1997, p. xvii.

Question 49. Secular Answer: True.

Creationist Answer: True.

Reference: Svarney, Thomas et al, The Handy Dinosaur Answer Book (Handy), Visible Ink, 2003, pp. 305-307.

Question 70. Secular Answer: True. His name was Pliny Moody, a teenager, and he discovered them in the early 1800s on his farm in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Creationist Answer: True. Although there seems to be some confusion about exactly how old Pliny was when he made his first of many footprints finds on the farm.

Reference: Svarney, Thomas (Handy), p. 331.

Question 72. Secular Answer: Iguanodon; by Gideon Mantell.

Creationist Answer: Iguanodon.

Reference: Svarney, Thomas (Handy), pp. 348-349.

Question 73. Secular Answer: Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

Creationist Answer: Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. There are loads of scientific problems with this evolutionist theory. Creationists recognize that the dinosaur fossils are in the rock record due to the global flood 4,500 years ago not due to an asteroid impact 65 million years ago.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., GNAD, p. 46.

Question 76. Secular Answer: K-T event (for Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event).

Creationist Answer: K-T event recently changed to K-Pg event (for Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event). See also question 73. Some creationists have written that there is little or no evidence for this event at this location.

Reference: Clarey, Timothy, Carved in Stone, ICR, 2020, pp. 298-301.

Question 77. Secular Answer: Coelophysis skull.

Creationist Answer: Coelophysis skull.


Question 79. Secular Answer: Dinosaurs became extinct due to an asteroid impact in Mexico 65 million years ago.

Creationist Answer: Dinosaurs died out after the Flood due to their inability to adapt to new environmental conditions. They were also severely hunted by humans.

Reference: Mitchell, J.D., GNAD, p. 46.

Question 80. Secular Answer: Corythosaurus.

Creationist Answer: Corythosaurus.


Question 81. Secular Answer: Allosaurus.

Creationist Answer: Allosaurus.

Reference: Cole, Stephen, Allosaurus: The Life and Death of Big Al, Dutton, 2001.

Question 82. Secular Answer: Apatosaurus.

Creationist Answer: Apatosaurus.

Reference: “The Land Before Time”—Wikipedia

Question 85. Secular Answer: False.

Creationist Answer: False. There are quite a few with more being developed all the time. The largest are the Creation Museum in Kentucky, the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum in Montana, and the Creation & Earth History Museum in California. There is also a Dinosaur & Fossil Museum located at the Mount St. Helens Creation Center in Castle Rock, Washington, and several others in various locations in the USA.

References: Mitchell, J.D., GNAD, pp. 51-64.

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