Whenever questioned, secularists will always band together to shout, “Evolution is a fact!” They do this for organic evolution, cosmic evolution, human evolution, and most any other kind of evolution that they can imagine. When asked for specific scientific evidence for this or that evolutionary process, they often point to the work of authority figures in fields of endeavor other than their own. This is understandable because they typically know of no evidence for evolution within their own field. But what is most amazing is what evolutionists do say, and write, about what they think they know within what they consider to be their own field of expertise.

This “top menu” section of my website is devoted to actual quotations of evolutionists. I will regularly add articles here with published quotes from evolutionists about a whole range of topics within the category of “origins;” a category sometimes described as the “creation vs. evolution controversy.” I will include and  discuss these quotes on such topics as the solar system, the origin of life, life elsewhere in the universe, the evolutionary paradigm, natural selection, hopeful monsters and punctuated equilibrium, macro and micro evolution, missing links and intermediate forms, the fossil record, vestigial organs, origin of sex, homology, evolution of the horse, evolution of mammals, evolution of plants, evolution of insects, human evolution, living fossils,  radiometric dating, DNA and genetics, dinosaurs, the big bang, evolutionary bias, and evolution as a religion…and the list goes on and on. There will be little shortage of topics to choose from.

I think you will be absolutely amazed at some of the things evolutionists have to say about these topics! As is the practice throughout the CEC website, creationist quotes will be in blue and evolutionist quotes will be in green.

J.D. Mitchell

Note: Many, but not all, of these quotations will have been taken from the two sources listed below. Therefore, I will not have gone to the original source in all cases. However, I do have high confidence that these authors and publishers have thoroughly checked the quotations for accuracy.

  1. Morris, Henry M., That Their Words May Be Used Against Them, Master Books, 1997.
  2. Cosner, Lita, Editor, Evolutionists Say the Oddest Things – Surprising Admissions from Leading Scientists, Creation Book Publishers, 2015.
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