Dr. Jonathan Sarfati has compiled a number of evidences for the amazing creation engineering of God. All are clearly possible only through intelligent design. Random-chance interactions of matter are not possible answers for any of these amazing things:

  1. Creation Engineering in eyes and sight: “One of the most important senses is sight and it is our main means of sensing objects at a distance and quickly analyzing a wide area of our surroundings.”
  2. Creation Engineering in other senses: “Sight is not the only important sense. New discoveries in hearing, smell and touch also demonstrate intricate design that is teaching human engineers new techniques. Hearing has its own ingenious features, and one particular type of hearing, echolocation, is vital for navigation in dolphins and bats. Man-made sonar uses the same principles. And our sense of smell seems to work on the principles of vibrational spectroscopy.”
  3. Creation Engineering in colors and patterns: “Some of nature’s colors are particularly dazzling, and have provided human designers with ideas on improving man-made colors. Some of the brightest colors are not due to pigment but are structural colors where the colors arise from the material’s structure. Nature’s patterns are also consistent with intricate mathematical design.”
  4. Creation Engineering in flight: “Flight is very sophisticated, and we have mastered it only in the last century. But many types of animals have been flying for much longer. Indeed, four groups of animals have distinct types of flight; birds, pterosaurs, bats and insects. The Wright Brothers gained many insights by watching birds fly. And in labs around the world, biologists and aviation experts are studying the different types of flying animals to improve aircraft of the future. So, how does flight work, and how have new discoveries helped aircraft designers? Could natural selection really explain it?”
  5. Creation Engineering in navigation and orientation: “How do animals find their way, both in migration and merely finding one’s way locally? They must have machinery for both orientation (knowing direction) and naviagation (knowing when to change direction). It turns out that there is often amazing computational machinery that is far superior to that of any supercomputer, but often performed in a tiny brain. Some creatures make use of the earth’s magnetic field and the sun’s polarization.”
  6. Creation Engineering in catapults: “A catapult is a machine with a stiff frame, allowing a large force to store energy in an elastic material, and then release it suddenly to accelerate a small mass to great speed. All the components must be in place for it to work at all, so this fulfills the ‘irreducible complexity’ criterion.”
  7. Creation Engineering in stickiness: “Some creatures have an amazing ability to stick to surfaces. Many of their diverse methods have only recently been discovered, including exquisite microscopic structures to take advantage of short-range chemical forces, hydraulic machinery, and glues.”
  8. Creation Engineering in magnificent materials: “The living world has materials that surpass our own in strength and other properties, such as elasticity. Materials scientists are continuing to discover, and learn from, more secrets of nature. One paper summarized, ‘Biomimetic materials research is becoming a rapidly growing and enormously promising field.'”
  9. Creation Engineering in plant power: “The best known features of design involve animals. But without plants, animals would not exist. Plants capture energy from the sun to make food, and this is the basis of the food chain.”
  10. Creation Engineering in motors: “The living world surprisingly contains real electrical rotary motors. Surprising, that is, for evolutionists who predicted that wheels could not exist, because they could not have evolved gradually. The motors in the living world epitomize the ultimate nano-technology. The living world also has a variety of linear motors, which are equally problematic for evolution.”
  11. Creation Engineering in the origin of life: “Even the simplest life is incredibly complicated. As scientists investigate the cell, they discover ever more amazingly complex machinery. The origin of life by chemical evolution remains intractable. And natural selcction can’t help, because this presupposes self-reproduction so can’t explain the origin of self-reproduction. There is currently a million-dollar prize for anyone who proposes a chemically plausible naturalistic origin-of-life scenario, but it is thus far unclaimed.”

All of the above information points toward marvelous creation engineering by the Creator God, in the beginning, just as told us by the Bible.

To learn the thousands of details about the topics above you need to have the book, By Design – Evidence for Nature’s Intelligent Designer – the God of the Bible by Dr. Sarfati.

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