Evolutionists often accuse biblical creationists of saying that species don’t change, that living things were created in the beginning by God as distinct static species which never change. But, that is a straw man argument designed to deflect the focus of scientific inquiry away from the real truth.

It is obvious that species do change through an internal adaptive process and through artificial selection (breeding). Lifeforms can and do change. There is definitely variation within kinds, and I am unaware of any reputable creation scientist who would deny this. An example of this sort of change is seen in the many varieties of dogs which have been bred by man over the centuries. In the beginning there was a basic dog kind which now manifests itself in many varieties as developed by internal adaptation processes and artificial selection over the thousands of years since the creation. Keep in mind, however, that after all of these years all of these species are still dogs. They started out as dogs, and they have changed over time to still be nothing but dogs.  This fact tells us that the dog can never be bred to have wings, for example, because the information for wings is not in the dog kind DNA. Another familiar example is seen in that human children look different from their parents – these children are never exactly the same as their parents, but they are still obviously humans; and they too will never be able to naturally sprout wings no matter how many generations are propagated.

If we look past the straw man arguments of the evolutionists, we find that creation scientists believe that true science confirms that microevolution (variation) does indeed occur, but that macroevolution (change from one kind to another kind) has not and cannot occur because of the limits on the information that God placed in the DNA of each kind in the beginning as described in the book of Genesis. This fact means that our interpretation of reality (our science) indicates that the concept of all of life evolving from a common ancestor over millions of years is nothing but a fairy tale. What we see from true science therefore matches up to the information provided us by God in the Bible. This is what the Christian should expect.

Another interesting fact which continues to be reinforced by ongoing science is that the microevolutionary changes that do occur in lifeforms always tend to reduce the overall capability of an organism to adapt in the future to changes in its environment. This microevolutionary process is actually a process of devolution rather than evolution. This is because the process of change results in a loss of information. In fact, there is no known natural method for the introduction of new information into any genome. In the case of dogs, what this means is that the poodle dog (as an example) can never be expected to re-evolve back to the original dog kind which had a much greater capability for adaptation to environmental changes. The poodle dog has lost much of the original genome adaptive capability that was in the original dog kind.

Evolutionists also use the spurious argument (especially to the unwary, such as our school children) that since there are numerous examples of microevolution in nature that, given enough time, macroevolution must eventually occur or have occurred also. But, this is not at all true.

Think if it this way. Say you imagine a railroad track that runs across the United States from coast to coast to represent time. Now, the evolutionist will often say that if a locomotive representing microevolutionary change starts at the west coast and makes even an infinitesimal progress toward moving to the east coast, it will eventually make it all the way to the east coast. It is just a matter of giving the locomotive enough time. Therefore, macroevolution is proven true.

But this visual model is flawed. A reality-representative railroad track analogy would be quite different.

In the model representing reality we would have two locomotives located on the track and sitting at the center of the continent. One locomotive representing microevolution would be headed (say) to the west and the other representing macroevolution would be headed the opposite direction toward the east. True science shows that the locomotive headed east never moves at all and exists only in the imaginations of evolutionists. The east coast bound locomotive could be provided billions upon billions of years but no progress would be seen because macroevolution does not and cannot happen.

The west coast bound locomotive would show some movement representing microevolutionary changes, and the changes might occasionally represent organism survival improvement as the genome is constantly deteriorating from its original perfect state. Those changes that are helpful to the organism could be considered as “designed adaptability” to allow the organism a better chance for survival in a more challenging environment, for example. This designed adaptability was provided for by the Creator in the beginning when the original kinds were created.

Another way to visualize the truth of evolution is shown in this picture.

Here we see microevolution represented by horizontal changes and macroevolution by vertical changes. True science demonstrates that horizontal changes can be expected to occur in nature but vertical changes never do.

Naturalism is a philosophy (religion really) which rejects the God as clearly revealed in the Bible and in His creation. People who cling to this religion have to believe by faith that all that exists is nature and that the universe came to be according to some evolutionary fairy tale.

Unfortunately, many Christians have unnecessarily allowed themselves to be influenced by these fairy tales which run counter to their faith and the true science of God. The Bible warns us, “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.” (Colossians 2:8)

In today’s increasingly perverse Western culture, naturalism is foundational and is a basic principle of the secular worldview. Don’t allow this false worldview to take you captive!

J.D. Mitchell

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