My Creation Engineering Concepts ministry is fundamentally concerned with educating people regarding the ongoing war between the Secular and the Biblical Christian worldviews. In the Western world the influential promoters of the Secular worldview are academia, the mainstream news media, the entertainment industry, and the court system.

Foundationally, the Secular worldview stands on Naturalism and the belief in the origin of everything by evolution over deep time. If that is accepted, then logically there can be no Creator God and only the “here and now” is important. On the other hand, the Biblical Christian worldview rests on the belief in a Creator God who made everything in the beginning as described in the Bible. In this case eternity becomes paramount. True scientific research supports creation and the Biblical Christian worldview and does not support evolution and the Secular worldview. The unavoidable conclusion is that the Secular worldview is a lie!

In the Western culture, especially in America, we can see this war of worldviews play out daily. The secularists have many allies and need not rely only on their humanistic and atheistic advocates. Evolution is the basic premise of many religions including Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism, Liberal Protestantism,* Modern Catholicism, Reform Judaism, Pantheism, Deism, Polytheism and others. Therefore, we see great “tolerance” for all these beliefs on our college campuses, in public schools, in the news media, in entertainment, and in the courts. However, we see little or no tolerance for Biblical Christianity by these groups and in these venues. The bogus excuse of “separation of church and state” is often used to justify attacks on the Truth. Were it not for the protections of the United States Constitution, Biblical Christianity would have been forced out of the American mainstream decades ago.

So, origins beliefs are absolutely fundamental to worldview, and worldview drives most of the actions a society takes at any given time in history. My ministry strives to educate people to see that the universe looks designed because it is, and that living things are clearly engineered and not evolved. Once those concepts are recognized, it makes sense that there is a Creator God and the Bible can be accepted to be the accurate, authoritative and inspired Word of God. I labor to show the huge lie that undergirds the prevalent Secular worldview and by doing so I hope to encourage Biblical Christians. In addition, I try to show skeptics and seekers that they need to reject the lie, repent, and then accept Christ and his promises including the big one, eternal life!

*Of all the evolutionist religions the liberals are the most insidious. This is because they portray themselves as viewpoint tolerant yet are in reality among the least tolerant regarding the Biblical Christian perspective. 

J.D. Mitchell

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