In the battle between the Biblical Christian and the Secular worldviews there are a number of reality-defining truths that become clear when a person is thinking and living within biblical presuppositions. Here are ten of the most obvious:

1. There are always major deleterious consequences to rejecting the Creator God; and compromising His Holy Word with secular ideas can oftentimes logically result in apostasy.

2. A person’s accepted presuppositions are what determine his or her worldview.

3. Naturalism (an atheistic philosophy or religion) is the foundational basis for secular thought.

4. Evolution and deep time (aka “millions of years”) are the foundational tenets of naturalism and must be presuppositionally accepted by its adherents.

5. Evolution and deep time are two sides of the same philosophical coin. Each needs the other, and they cannot be viable hypotheses when separated.

6. Neither naturalism nor creationism is technically scientific, but both are based on uniformity and God’s providence. Uniformity is verified by scientific experiment, but the principle of uniformitarianism (“the present is the key to the past”) is not. Uniformity and uniformitarianism are entirely different things!

7. The “Enlightenment” period was no such thing. Its main achievement was the replacement of God’s infallible revelation with the fallible ideas of men. It is a classic example of men running from the light into the dark.

8. Truth is not determined by majority rule; and secularism is currently enforced in America and many other Western countries by anti-Christian fiat through academia, the mainstream media, and the courts. This secular “truth” is not reality.

9. The Geologic Timescale is a mental abstraction and is not observable reality.

10. Secularism, while overtly anti-Christian, logically disintegrates because of its reliance on Christian presuppositions.

From The Christian Family Worldview Library Learning Guide by J.D. Mitchell, copyright 2015 CEC Publications.

J.D. Mitchell

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