First Name Drawn Reward = $300.00

Second Name Drawn Reward = $200.00

Third Name Drawn Reward = $100.00

*Rewards are reserved for students who successfully complete the Christian Worldview Correspondence Cource (CWCC) during calendar year 2020 with a score  of 90% or greater on all five unit examinations. The exact date, time and location of the drawing will be announced in December, 2020.

Date: December 6, 2019: There is only one student who has met, or will be able to meet, the requirements for cash rewards for 2019. That is Mr. Dale S. from Pennsylvania. He has been sent a check for $350 (award #1 for 2019).

Here is the fine print for 2020:

  1. Only those students who meet the requirements of successful completion with 90% or higher scores will be eligible for the random drawing.
  2. Enrollment is open to the first twelve (12) applicants until the March 31, 2020 deadline. Students have up to one year to complete all five units with an examination score of 75% or higher to earn a certificate. To be eligible for the cash drawing, students must have completed all five units with a score of 90% or higher before December 31, 2020.
  3. If no student has qualified, then there will be no rewards given.
  4. Rewards will be paid via Creation Engineering Concepts (CEC) check.
  5. No CWCC student can receive more than one (1) reward.
  6. Students do not have to be present at the drawing to receive their rewards.
  7. By accepting a reward, the student agrees to allow Creation Engineering Concepts to publicize their participation in the CWCC and their receipt of of a reward, at the full discretion of CEC.
  8. By accepting a reward, the recipient (and parents if legally applicable) releases CEC from any and all liability for any loss, harm, injuries, damages, cost or expenses arising out of or relating to participation in the CWCC. Under no circumstances shall CEC be liable for indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages, attorney fees, or any other damages.


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