Believers in evolution point to useless features, such as the wings of a flightless bird or the tailbone of a human, in an effort to prove that an all-wise and all-powerful God could not have made life. This poor logic assumes that because some things now seem to have no purpose, they were not designed, but just happened.

In reality, it is impossible to prove that any feature is useless. The function may not be known, but additional study inevitably reveals its use. This has happened to almost 200 formerly alleged vestigial organs in humans. For instance, our tailbone is the attachment point for important muscles which allow us to walk in a fully upright manner. The “useless” wings of some birds, such as the ostrich, are said to perhaps have been leftover features from a previously flying creature who has lost the ability to fly. This is a loss of information, not an evolutionary advancement. A better explanation is that the ostrich was designed to show the grand creativity of its Designer and the wings function perfectly as designed – for balance while running, warmth, mating rituals, and scaring predators in our fallen world,

“Useless” organs show a loss of functioning features, not the development of new features. This means “useless” organs are actually the opposite of what evolutionists need in order to validate their theory – that is, increasing complexity and information being added to a creature's DNA code.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, October 3.

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