The original text of the New Testament can be verified by comparison with three other original sources: Greek manuscripts, various ancient versions, and quotations from the New Testament in the writings of early Christians. Amazingly, there are some 5,000 partial or complete Greek manuscripts of the original New Testament in existence today. In addition, there are another 10,000 manuscripts of the New Testament in other ancient languages dating back nearly as far as the 2nd and 3rd century A.D. (some within one lifetime of the original writers).

The quotations in the writings of Greek and Latin “church fathers” are so extensive that the entire New Testament (with the exception of less than a dozen verses) could be compiled from these quotes! Critics claim that the New Testament was written long after the time of Christ. This has been repeatedly proven incorrect by archaeological discoveries. The accuracy of the Bible far exceeds any book written by man throughout all of history.

We can be absolutely confident that we have an accurate record of God's Word and that God commends those who make the effort to seek the truth and investigate the Bible's claims (Acts 17:11).

From A Closer Look at the Evidence, December 2.

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