Archaeologists and Bible critics claimed that the biblical account of King David's capture of Jerusalem by entering through water tunnels was in error, since these tunnels could not have existed this early in Jerusalem's history. These critics also implied that the existing water tunnels must have been built by unsophisticated people, because they are inefficient and poorly designed. These critics have been proven wrong on both accounts.

A more detailed study of the tunnels beneath Jerusalem has revealed that a cleverly designed dual water system served the ancient city. Nearly 3,000 years ago, engineers modified a natural network of channels and tunnels under Jerusalem to create this unique water supply system. New tunnels were dug to link existing natural tunnels so that it took the least amount of work to complete this ambitious engineering project. Two natural openings to the system were also found outside the walls of Jerusalem. It was through one of these natural openings that David conquered Jerusalem. As always, the Bible has proven to be a 100% accurate account of both history and science. Therefore, we can trust it to be a 100% accurate source of spiritual truth as well.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, April 8.

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