By the 1980s our optical capability had advanced such that telescopes could be built which were sensitive enough to see a speck of dust two miles away. “Such a telescope allowed scientists to discover three gigantic dust rings, 100 million miles wide, circling the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, 200 million to 300 million miles from the sun.” The dust bands were never seen before, because they were made of particles too fine to adequately reflect light back toward Earth. The rings are a mystery, because they seem to defy the laws of physics by circling the asteroid belt in three extremely stable and symmetrical rings. According to Frank Low of the Universtiy of Arizona, “Particles this small can only survive in stable orbits for a few ten-thousands of years before they are pulled apart by the sun. There must be something that replenishes the ring, because three stable bands that large cannot exist in any other way.”

Thus scientists blinded by the presuppositions of evolutionay time scales are forced to rely on blind faith in some unknown replenishment mechanism rather than the obvious answer that the rings are there because the solar system is quite young.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, October 25.

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