In 1979, the Voyager space probe filmed a volcano erupting on Io, one of Jupiter's inner moons. This discovery amazed the NASA scientists who believe in the evolutionary concept that the solar system is billions of years old. Small bodies such as this moon should have cooled off long ago. Io, however, was not found to be cold and dead, but was literally bubbling with volcanoes. The cameras on Voyager even recorded one volcanic eruption on the moon's rim that sent fire and brimstone more than 100 miles into space. Where did this interior heat come from? Before this observation, the earth was considered the only geologically active body in the solar system, but Io was found to be even more active.

The fact that Io still has volcanic activity when it is supposedly almost 5 billion years old has no adequate explanation. Scientists have scrambled to find explanations, attributing the heat to Jupiter's gravitational pull or to radioactive decay in Io's core, but neither explanation fits the observations. It is only the assumptions of evolution that blind researchers to the most obvious solution. Perhaps Io is still hot because it is simply not old!

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 18.

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