For many years academics have taught that the Bible, especially the book of Genesis, came to us as a result of traditions and story telling. The implication is that the Bible is not the literal word of God which was guided by the Holy Spirit to be believed in a straightforward manner. We are taught that it contains exaggerations and should not be trusted to reveal true history.

According to these experts, the historical accounts in the Bible are fanciful stories written down by some unknown scribes, compiled by an unknown editor, and combined to form the Book of Genesis.

Genesis 5, for example, is a record of the chronological geneology of the ancestry from Adam to Noah. There is absolutely no evidence for the idea that Genesis is merely a collection of ancient stories. It is clearly written as the account of factual historical events.

The biblical experts who teach that the Bible is a collection of ancient myths are not basing their theories on facts. Rather, their ideas are based on the mistaken theory of evolution, which includes the idea that early man could not write. Wherever we find civilized mankind, we find writing–as early as 3000 B.C.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, June 16.

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