Moses was a prince of Egypt brought up in the Pharoah's palace. Acts 7:22 states that “Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians…” Egyptian medical practices included smearing the blood of worms mixed with donkey dung into open wounds; applying the fat from horses, crocodiles, and snakes mixed with donkey teeth and honey to the scalp in order to grow hair; and drinking water poured over stone idols in order to cure snake bites.

Yet 4,000 years before mankind discovered the existence of bacteria and viruses, the Holy Spirit inspired Moses to institute modern methods of cleanliness. Even nineteenth century doctors were woefully ignorant of the following procedures. They routinely caused the death of patients by moving from dissecting dead bodies to examining live patients without even washing their hands. Here are just a few of the Bible's insights:

-Leviticus 11:35 warns against touching or bringing any cooking utensil in contact with dead animals.

-Leviticus chapter 13 details the first procedures for medical quarantine in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

-Leviticus 15:13 calls for the prevention of disease by the washing of the body and clothes under “running water.”

-In Deuteronomy 23:12-13 Moses even writes of the need for proper sewage disposal.

How could a man trained in Egyptian medical nonsense have written about such modern procedures unless he was inspired by God?

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, December 4

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