How could a creature slowly learn to disguise itself to look like a completely different object? Long before its appearance changed, it would become lunch for a predator. A perfect example is the Amazon leaf fish. Imagine an ordinary fish trying to fool both predator and prey by trying to look like a leaf lying on top of the water and floating down a river. Long before it evolved the proper appearance, such a fish would become either a bird's meal or starve to death. The Amazon leaf fish was carefully designed to not only look like a leaf, but to act like one, as well.

This fish has a flat body, very much like a leaf. A black line runs the length of its body, giving the appearance of the midrib of a leaf; and a fleshy growth on its lower jaw looks like a leaf stem. Beyond just looking like a leaf, the leaf fish also acts like a leaf floating on water. It lies still in the water, drifting along with the current. To hide its identity further, it draws its fins close to its body, removing any hint that it might be a hungry fish looking for lunch. The leaf fish combines deceptive coloring, appearance, and behavior into one design so that it can survive. Our fallen world often requires camouflage for survival. Our loving Creator even provided lowly fish with the ability to become masters of disguise.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, November 27.

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