Although the original world was created perfect and without death, our fallen world requires creatures to adapt to difficult situations in order to survive. Even in the current world full of death and competition, the smallest of creatures exhibit amazing capabilities for survival in harsh environments. The female snowshoe rabbit is one such creature.

During extreme drought or harsh winters, the stress of finding food triggers a chemical process in the pregnant female that stops an embryo's growth. Her body then responds to this condition of physical weakness with a process called resorption. In this process, the mother completely reabsorbs the growing embryo. This mechanism allows the rabbit to survive by replenishing her own strength. She can later become pregnant during more favorable conditions.

The number of chemical and physical changes required for a rabbit to reverse a pregnancy is mind-boggling. There is no scientific evidence which explains how this remarkable resorption process could have evolved. The creativity of God to have provided for the common rabbit in this way is truly amazing!

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 2.

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