In His Word, God tells us that He cares for His creatures [e.g. Matthew 6:26]. One can observe repeated examples of this in nature. Every creature on earth has been preprogrammed to take care of itself. An example is the female red-cockaded woodpecker, which changes her diet to include more calcium at egg-laying time. Scientists have found that the woodpecker starts gathering, storing, and eating bone fragments a few days before laying her eggs. Bones contain an extremely high concentration of calcium, which is needed for the shells of the woodpecker's eggs. After her eggs are laid and her body requires less calcium, the woodpecker shows little interest in pieces of bone.

Where did this instinct to eat bones originate? How does the woodpecker know when she can stop eating bone fragments? Would this process have taken place before the Fall? No one knows, but it is apparent that this instinct had to be programmed into the woodpecker for it to survive in the current fallen world. What a leap of faith to believe that the woodpecker's ability to meet her need for increased calcium just “evolved” by chance!

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 5.

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