Even in the plant world, there is no such thing as “simple life.” The voodoo lily, for example, was designed to raise its temperature by 25 degrees while it releases a scent that attracts beetles to pollinate it. There are many complex chemical reactions that take place within the lily. Some are specifically designed to raise the lily's temperature. The elevated temperature then increases the rate of evaporation of other chemicals designed to attract pollinating insects.

The chemicals which evaporate from the lily happen to be the same ones found in rotting meat. The smell of rotting meat is what attracts the pollinating beetles to the flowers. As the attracted beetles crawl around inside the flower looking for food, they get covered with pollen and spread the pollen to the next lily. How did the lily “learn” to make this exact scent? It could only have happened by design, possibly after the Fall of mankind, when radical changes occurred throughout the plant and animal kingdoms.

Specific chemical reactions with a specific purpose require careful design and planning. It does not make logical sense to assume the voodoo lily's complex chemical reactions evolved by chance.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, April 10.

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