Biologists have discovered a growing list of creatures which freeze solidly in the winter, only to thaw out and resume life in the spring. Three species of tree frogs have been added to this list. As cold fall weather approaches, these northern tree frogs burrow under the dead leaves in the forest. Scientists found that up to 35% of the frogs' body fluids freeze when they are cooled to several degrees below freezing. How do these frogs survive death, when freezing even part of our bodies would result in the loss of skin, fingers, or limbs?

Scientists have discovered that these frogs produce glycerol, which acts like antifreeze within their bodies. Even when it gets so cold that their blood freezes, this chemical prevents ice crystals from forming in a way that destroys cells. This ability indicates design and instantaneous creation, rather than evolution. The frogs could never have survived if the ability to resist freezing (and tolerate antifreeze chemicals) developed a step at a time, rather than the frog being created with all of these abilities in place.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, April 25.

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