Imagine that you are a child of the famous painter, Michelangelo. You grew up watching your father paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Each stroke of the brush revealed his love, creative genius, and masterful perfection.

Years later as you're walking beneath your father's great work, a guide enters leading a group of tourists. As they stand in awe under the grandeur of the artistic work, you hear the tour guide boldly state that the ceiling occurred by naturalistic processes over countless years as water leaked through the roof and stained the plaster. The people are told by their expert guide that what appears as an intentionally designed work of beauty is strictly a chance occurrence.

Would you not, as Michelangelo's child, rise up in righteous indignation at the telling of such a flagrant lie? If the guide said that your father had used the random procedure of dripping water through the plaster to create the masterpiece, would that lie have been any more palatable?

The modern “tour guides” of our world are evolutionists who would have us believe that all of the purpose, eloquent design, and astronomical complexity of life just happened by chance naturalistic processes (such as mutations) formed life over billions of years. Liberal theologians would have us believe that God used such a process to make things.

Should not Christians boldly proclaim the truth so that more people may come to know the true Master Artist and come to trust His written revelation to mankind (the Bible)?

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, March 16.

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