There is a war of values raging in America today. Most of us are aware of the surface skirmishes (such as abortion, increasing violence, or euthanasia), but few are aware that the basis of this war is the question of man's relationship to God. Either life's value is based on God's personal existence (meaning absolute values do exist), or man sets the standards. There are no other possibilities.

The consequence of 150 years of indoctrination with evolutionary principles is the acceptance that man is part of the natural forces which shaped us. The inevitable result of this line of reasoning is the removal of an objective basis for determining the value of anything. Thus, mankind either arbitrarily assigns value to things (including people), or all life becomes of equal value. In the case of the former, atrocities such as human sacrifice, genocide, or passive acceptance of abortion occur. In the case of the latter, absurdities occur such as animal rights groups equating the murder and mutilation of humans with the slaughter of chickens. Both of these responses are inevitable outcomes of following the evolutionary humanist philosophy to its logical conclusion.

Christianity is rooted in the fact that a personal God exists and that people were made in God's image. Thus, human life is inherently valuable. There is something special about all humans. No one has the right to remove their value by murder, abortion, or euthanasia.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, April 16.

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