The Bible is unique among all the religious writings of the ancient world in the following ways:
1.  It is the only book that gives an account of the creation of all things from nothing.

2.  It is the only book of ancient history that reveals a meaning and purpose behind events of the past.

3.  It is the only book  that gives a continuous historical record from the first man to the present era.

4.  It is the only religious book which sets the moral standard required by man at an impossible level and explains why man, by his efforts, can never achieve this standard.

5.  It is the only book containing detailed prophecies of future events that have come true with 100% accuracy.

The very words of the Bible are God-breathed. The Old Testament alone states approximately 2,600 times that it is God's Word. No other religious work claims this.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 16.

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