Christianity is unique over all other religions because it is based on historical facts. Other religions are primarily centered on the ethical and religious opinions of their founders. Christianity is based on the character of Jesus Christ and what He said and did. Jesus repeatedly claimed to be the Creator God and acknowledged the accuracy of every part of Old Testament Scripture. Christianity's truth and validity rely on real events of the past such as: the Fall as a real event which explains why we need a savior and are incapable of saving ourselves; Noah's Flood as the best explanation for the geology of the world around us; the specific predictions of future events before they happened, such as the birth and crucifixion of Christ. The historical truth of these events can be objectively investigated from not only one source, but from multiple sources across time.

Christianity is the only religion which offers the possibility of physically investigating its factual nature, because it makes specific claims about the world around us. It also addresses where we came from. If one of these claims is false, then other biblical claims are also suspect. But if these claims are scientifically valid, there is every reason to believe all of the Bible's claims (such as what happens after death or what God requires of us in order to spend eternity in HIs presence).

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 22.

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