One of the many ideas which attempt to combine evolution with the Bible is the “day-age theory.” This theory says that the days described in Genesis represent millions of years. Those who hold to this view believe that the order of geologic history as outlined by the evolutionary theory corresponds with the order of creation in the Bible. Scripture clearly shows enormous differences:

1. The Bible states that all plant life came into existence on the third day of creation, but fish and marine organisms were created on the fifth day. Evolution reverses this order.

2. The Bible states God made the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day of creation, the day after the creation of plants. The suggestion that a day of creation could be equivalent to millions of years would not be possible.

3. The Bible states birds and marine organisms were created on the same day. Evolution says birds evolved from reptiles millions of years after fish first appeared.

4. The Bible indicates crawling things (possibly insects) were among the last things created–at the same time as land animals and reptiles. Evolution puts insects early in the geological record preceding the appearance of animals.

5. The Bible states that death entered this world through Adam's sin. The whole concept of evolution is based on the suggestion that death and mutations, working with natural selection, produced mankind.

6. In the first chapter of Genesis it is very clear that each creation day is bounded by a morning and an evening. This could only describe a normal 24-hour day.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, December 27.

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