In the book of Genesis, God tells us that mankind was originally put in charge of the animals. ng>It is interesting to see how animals serve man and are actually under his control, just as God decreed. For example, look at how creatively the Indians learned to use every part of the bison. They used the meat for food and the tendons for bowstrings, thread and webbing. Hides were used for clothing, moccasins, tepees, bedding, and boats. The long hair was made into rope; and the stomachs, bladders, and other internal organs were made into containers for holding food. The tallow was used for waterproofing. Bones provided tools, bows, and toys, while ribs were used to make runners for dogsleds. Bile was used to make yellow paint, and the bison's hooves were used to make glue. Dried dung could be stored indefinitely and used as a fuel. Stomach juices were substituted for water in life-or-death situations, and the horns provided spoons and drinking utensils.

The Bible warns that misuse and greed bring ruin. This is exactly what happened in the case of the bison. Man hunted and shot bison in such large numbers between 1865 and 1884 that the former bison population decreased from sixty million to near extinction. It was man's sinful nature that drove this majestic creature to near extinction.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, November 18.

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