The evolutionary model assumes that coal formed gradually over long time periods from decaying plants. Coal deposits are believed to be the compacted accumulation of generations of swamp plants which were covered by other sediments over millions of years. In reality, the nature of coal deposits contradicts this slow and gradual model. For example:

1. Well-preserved remains of leaves and insects are frequently found in coal. This requires that the vegetation was buried very quickly (such as would have happened during a massive flood) in order to have prevented the remains from rotting.

2. Coal deposits covering thousands of square miles are found hundreds of feet thick. This testifies to a flood of worldwide extent. The “swamp model” of coal formation does not explain the massive extent of coal reserves.

3. Coal seams are found in repeated overlying layers, often separated by sterile rock types with no sign of soil. This indicates burial under water (with sediment washing in between layers), not slow accumulation from swamps.

Coal is a buried testimony to both the Worldwide Flood and the incredible hatred God has of sin.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 25.

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