Scientists have discoverd that both hearing and deaf children babble in the language used in their homes. How can deaf children who have no hearing communicate? They do this by learning to use sign language with their hands. Hearing infants produce sounds, then syllables, and eventually meaningful words using their vocal chords. Deaf children first learn to make the hand signs for basic letters and numbers and string these signs together without meaning. However, at the same age when hearing infants begin to make meaningful words (ususally by their first birthday), the deaf infants have gained the ability to produce meaningful words using hand signs.

Researhers were shocked when they realized the implications of this discovery. It indicates that the human brain comes with a built-in, unified ability to learn language. This surprised behavioral scientists, because they are trained to assume that mankind has come from some apelike creature, who in turn came from a single-celled organism, which in turn is a result of a random combination of molecules. Why would the end result be a creature with the built-in ability to communicate in any complex language?

This is perfectly logical for someone who believes the Bible. The Bible says our Creator gives understanding to the mind (Job 38:36) and calls mankind to communicate with Him (1 Corinthians 1:9). How else could we do this, unless our minds were pre-wired to understand and develop languages?

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, November 22.

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