The coded instructions contained in the DNA of a human cell would fill 4,000 encyclopedia-sized books with meaningful information. Even if we assume life and matter evolved, there is zero probability that mutations and natural selection produced this tremendous amount of information.

Evolutionists assume that anything is possible with enough time. For instance, it has been stated that given enough time, even a monkey could type out the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica. However, it can be calculated that just getting the title “Encyclopedia Brittanica” by random trials would only happen one time in 10 to the 39th power attempts. One in 10 to the 39th power is approximately the same as one monkey sitting on every square foot of the earth's surface, stacked 10 miles deep, and making one attempt every second for 10 billion years. Yet all these attempts would only result in a correct title one time!

The odds of natural processes producing the information on a single strand of DNA vastly exceeds the total number of subatomic particles within the entire known universe. This intelligent information content of our cells could only have been produced by an inconceivably brilliant designer. How could anyone deny the existence of God in face of this evidence?

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, April 20.  

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