One of the foremost evidences of the character of our Creator is His presence in our lives. Our changed nature should speak volumes. Our words and our actions should clearly demonstrate that the Creator not only exists, but that His Holy Spirit dwells within us and is continuously working in us to develop our character to be like Christ's. Even the way we choose to spend our time and money should be a testimony of our love for Him.

As God opens our eyes to see the intricate design of everything in His creation and allows us to understand that His Word is testable, accurate, and reliable, we will grow in our knowledge of and love for Him. This will then give us the opportunity to become a strong and powerful witness to the reality of our Creator God. We will be able to share our faith with anyone who asks us why we have the hope within us and be able to do so intelligently, confidently, and with love and respect.


From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, December 31.

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