One needs to be very careful about accepting the conclusions of paleontologists who claim to have found fossil links between man and apelike creatures. In the past, bones from pigs, monkeys, alligators, horses and even an elephant have been reconstructed into missing links between humans and some imaginery apelike creatures. In 1979 a piece of bone discovered in Northern Africa was said to be the clavicle of an apelike creature that was evolving into a man. Its discoverer said the bone indicated the creature had possibly walked upright, like modern humans. It was later shown that the fossil was the rib bone from a Pacific white-sided dolphin!

This repeated misinterpretation of fossils by paleontologists is a result of the assumption that evolution is a fact–therefore some apelike creature must have turned into a man. The possibility of creation is never considered. Therefore, almost any bone that is even slightly outside of the norm is assumed to be proof of this transformation. Since instant fame awaits the discovery of each subsequent find, the objectivity of the researcher is very suspect.

Jesus stated that man and woman were created as uniquely different “from the beginning” [Mark 10:6]. This couldn't be more clearly stated, and the fossil evidence supports this factual statement.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, June 13.

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