An ancient termite nest discovered in fossilized wood from the Big Bend National Park in Texas was buried in the same sedimentary rock layers found to contain dinosaur bones. Examination of the fossilized wood has provided the following information:

1. Small hexagonal grainlike particles have been found within the petrified wood. The distinctive hexagonal shapes are believed to be termite droppings, since termites are the only insects that make hexagonal droppings. The ancient droppings are identical to those made by modern termites.

2. The wood had been tunneled in the same way that modern termites tunnel wood.

3. The nest was placed in the center of the wood, exactly where modern termites tunnel wood.

4. These ancient termites had also placed their droppings around the edge of the nest (just like modern termites) to plug any air leaks and prevent drafts.

This evidence indicates that termites, from the suipposed “time of the dinosaurs”–built homes and behaved exactly the same as termites do today. There is absolutely no evidence of any termite evolution. This agrees with the Bible's claim that creation was “completed” on the sixth day.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, July 10.

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