The 206 bones in the human skeletal system are an engineering marvel. It is a rigid support for the body's organs and tissues and serves as protection for the brain, lungs, heart, and spinal cord. Bones also act as levers, enabling muscles to move the body. They provide a reservoir of essential minerals. Bones contain 99% of the calcium, 88% of the phosphorus, plus many other trace elements needed by the body. In addition to support and storage, bones act as chemical factories producing red blood cells, certain white blood cells, and platelets within thier marrow.

Incredibly, when a bone is broken, it immediately starts to repair itself. Engineers are continually trying to develop strong, lightweight structural materials, but have yet to devise a substance that grows continuously, lubricates itself, requires no shutdown time, and repairs itself when damaged. Man's framework is the most suitable that could be devised in material, structure, and arrangement.

It would seem total foolishness to accept the teaching that our bones had no designer except mutations, natural selection, and time.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 25.

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