Starting in the early 1800's, geologists have chosen to interpret fossils and sediments based on a presupposition of slow accumulation, or more recently, multiple local catastrophies over billions of years (uniformitarianism). Thousands of geologists have been indoctrinated in this belief and have spent the last 150 years fitting the evidence into this interpretation of Earth history. Yet there remain many facts unexplained by this interpretation of geology. Almost all of these mysteries disappear once the reality of a recent Worldwide Flood is acknowledged.

In addition to the Bible, which clearly presents the Worldwide Flood as a factual event in which eight humans were saved on a floating Ark, every culture in the world has a flood story. The very symbol in the ancient Chinese language for “boat” is a combination of the symbols for “eight,” “people,” and “vessel.” Every culture from the Chinese to the Aztecs, Aborigines to the ancient Greeks, Eskimos to the Africans, have an ancient account of a universal Flood. Many of these stories include details of a righteous man being saved on a floating vessel and attribute the event to judgment from God. If this really happened, people would have spread across the globe after the catastophe. As centuries passed, the account of the Flood would have been distorted, but remembered. This is exactly what we find. The Worldwide Flood is a fact of the past as revealed by archaeology, geology, and the Bible.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 24.

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