Our eye's lens is truly a marvel of chemistry. It contains a very high concentration of protein molecules in a transparent water solution. This discovery amazed scientists, because protein molecules in water solutions are not transparent, but opaque. However, for the lens of the eye to work properly, it must be transparent. After much research, scientists discovered that the concentration of protein molecules in the lens of the eye is so high that they pack together like the molecules of window glass. This results in the normally opaque solution becoming transparent.

For how many years was an evolving creature forced to stumble around half-blind before random mutations happened upon the perfect protein, in the perfect concentration, to pack together in exactly the right way, to make his eye lens transparent? Why didn't natural selection drive the creature to extinction before the lens developed properly? Once again, creation makes sense, while evolution leaves us questioning the logic of its conclusions.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, March 2.

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