Many critics question the possibility of so many animals living in the confinement of the Ark for a year. In nature, however, God provided animals with the ability to hibernate (to spend winter in a dormant or inactive state) or to estivate (to spend summer in a dormant state). During periods of unsuitable temperature, many animals often live in very confined quarters with little to no food intake or bodily excretions. It is logical to assume many of the animals behaved similary during their stay on the Ark.

Even if the animals on the Ark did not hibernate, it has been shown that eight people could have adequately cared for all of the animals on the Ark using simple and ancient principles of animal husbandry that have been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. Over the years a variety of challenges have been raised in an effort to show that the account of Noah's Ark, which is recorded in Genesis, could not be factual. A thorough investigation shows that virtually every one of these objections has been fully and adequately explained by a combination of modern science, archaeological discoveries, and history.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 28.

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