One profound evidence of the authenticity of biblical Christianity is its unique treatment of women. The Bible clearly states God created men and women with different functions, but as equals. This delegation of different roles is necessary so that harmony and order can be established.

Biblical Christianity elevates the woman, whether married, single, or widowed. It recognizes her moral and social influence, encourages her use of reason and intellect, restores her plundered rights, and challenges her to be a woman of grace, purity, self-control, humility, compassion, commitment, and love. Christ's own treatment of women and the Bible's remarkable accounts of godly women attest to the dignity of the woman. Biblical Christianity also changes the hearts of men and teaches men to treat women with the utmost love and respect–as Christ treats His church. In practice, other religions do not uphold women's dignity. Women are abused and exploited in almost every society which is not governed by Christian principles.

Scripture sets forth marriage between one man and one woman as a central foundation upon which society rests. When the institution of marriage fails, all of society begins a downward slide. The history of all past civilizations bear witness to this fact.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 27.

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