Animals are much better prepared for physical survival at birth than humans. A newborn wildebeest stands and runs with its mother five minutes after birth. The baby elephant can follow its mother all day long within twenty-four hours after birth. Yet the newborn human is a completely helpless creature.

This is the exact reverse of what one would expect if the Darwinian scenario were factual. According to evolutionary theory, those characteristics which aid in survival and reproduction will be most likely propagated. How would infant vulnerability and lack of strength contribute to evolutionary survival and development? The physical helplessness of humans at birth is a vivid illustration of how dependent we are on God for our spiritual existence. It is also yet another of the countless evidences that evolution is not the method God used to being us into existence. Instead, God designed humans to have adequate time to train their children to love and obey the One who created them and knows what is best for them.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, July 19.

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