Psalm 22 is an amazing prophecy that describes the crucifixion of Christ. This Psalm was written approximately 1,000 years before its fulfillment. It describes in graphic detail the sufferings of Christ long before death by crucifixion was known or practiced by the Romans or Jews. This Psalm predicts how Christ's hands and feet would be pierced, His bones would be pulled out of joint, and He would experience extreme thirst. It also describes how men would gamble for His clothes and how the crowd would mock Him. Even the exact words Christ would speak from the cross were recorded in this Psalm. Is it logical to conclude that all of these prophecies, predicted in precise detail almost 1,000 years before they happened, could have been fulfilled by mere chance?

The science of probability (a mathematical method for caclulating the likelihood with which an event is going to happen) can clearly reveal that guesses could not have produced this passage of Scripture. It could only have been written by inspiration from someone outside of time. Only God, who created mass, energy, and time could fulfill this qualification.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, July 20.

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